Excerpt from Extinguish My Anguish . . .

"I was appalled when a Pastor admonished our congregation for not serving each other. How could he say such a thing when it is part of our fabric to serve? We comfort bereaved families, encourage single mothers, and care for the children in any way possible. We spend many hours on projects related to these matters. Don’t let anyone tell you we are not serving each other. As Christians, we are constantly serving and being served. Our service can be far reaching. Even if it is a small act of remembrance, a kind word, or a fervent prayer, our efforts are far-reaching and effective."

This volume arose out of the author's frustration with pastors who harshly accuse parishioners of not doing enough in their prayer life, in the church, and on the mission field. Sometimes pastors use phrases like, "You're not serving each other" or "You are running youth away from the church" or "You won't accept change." The author posits instead that Christians should acknowledge what they are doing well in these areas and then imagine ways to expand and improve their ministries. The text uses the ministry of Jesus Christ as a backdrop; how He took people from where they were to where they needed to be through reason and encouragement as opposed to harsh criticism. The book covers the topics of prayer, youth ministry, worship services, technology, and giving. It contains worksheet areas for individual or group notes and responses.

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